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Rigid Sleeve Coupling

  • Suitable for joining any two shafts when flexibility not required
  • Consists of a one piece sleeve, with two set screws
  • Applications include: light to medium duty applications
Product Specifics
Lovejoy Rigid Sleeve couplings fit the standards of the industry. These couplings, the simplest type, provide a fixed union between two shafts which are precisely aligned. They are suitable for use in joining any two shafts when flexibility is not required, shaft alignment is maintained and proper bearing support is provided. Bore tolerances are -.000/+.002.

  • Max Bore: up to 1.375 inches (35mm)
  • Overall length: 0.75 to 4.5 inches (19 to 114 mm)
Please see downloadable Specialty Products catalog for dimensional data.


Deltaflex Coupling
  • Patented all-metal flex-link coupling
  • Offers max misalignment capability with negligible reactionary load
  • No lubrication or other maintenance required
  • Applications include: compressors, pumps, fans, positioning devices, indexing tables, mixers, paper mill roll drives, drive line shafts, turbine drives, wind tunnels, cooling towers, and single bearing generator drives.

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Saga Coupling
  • Elastomeric Pre-compression type coupling
  • Lower torsional stiffness (than other rubber-in-compression couplings)
  • No equal for high shock start/stop applications
  • Applications include: piston-driven devices, compressors, violent pounding, or crushing units

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Shaft Collars
  • Limits the range of travel allowed along a shaft
  • Solid, One & Two Piece Split Shaft collars available
  • Precision-machined collars offer ease of installation & strength
  • Applications include: limiting motor bases & machine tools

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Uniflex Coupling
  • Flexible triple wound spring design coupling
  • Addresses high misalignment, space limits, high temps, & has low backlash/windup
  • Smaller and lighter than most couplings of comparable torque ratings
  • Applications include: textile equipment, printing and binding registration, robotics/positioning, conveyors, carton
  • folding and gluing equipment, machine tools, centrifugal pumps, agricultural machinery, blowers, winding machines, and steering mechanisms

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