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LM Series

  • Designed for mounting on standard SAE J620 flywheels
  • Available in high temp rubber (HTR), EPDM, or Silicone
  • Nominal torque: up to 33,600 in-lb (3800 Nm)
The LM Series torsional couplings are designed specifically for diesel engine driven equipment. The LM couplings are highly torsionally compliant, allowing the engine to drive a relatively small inertia load safely from damaging torsional resonance over a wide speed range from low idle RPM to full engine speed. This task is accomplished by shifting the critical speeds far enough below the idle speed allowing full use of the entire working speed range of the engine with very few limitations. These engineered couplings affect an attenuated level of stress throughout the whole drive train by reducing vibratory torque to a very low level. The coupling selection should be verified with a Torsional Vibration Analysis of the system..

Product Specifics
  • Elastomeric Element
  • Temperature-resistant natural rubber available in a variety of Shore A scale hardness
  • Silicone element available for high ambient temperatures
  • EPDM available for chemical resistant
  • Outer Ring
  • High grade cast aluminum alloy
  • Inner Hub
  • Steel with minimum tensile strength of 85,000 psi (600 N/mm²)
  • Available in bore with keyway and spline connections
  • Taper-Loc spline hubs available
  • Splines with L-LOC available
Range of Sizes
  • 8 sizes ranging from nominal torques of 2,210 to 33,600 in-lb (250 to 3800 Nm)
  • SAE J620 Flywheel sizes available from 6 through 18
  • 3 coupling design types.
Typical Applications
  • Splitter-gear multiple pump drives
  • Generator sets (2-bearing)
  • Locomotives
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps Compressors

LF Series
  • Most versatile Lovejoy torsional coupling
  • Configurations include flange to shaft, shaft to shaft, and floating shaft
  • Available in high temp rubber, Neoprene, Hytrel®, or Zytel®
  • Nominal torque: up to 26,500 in-lb (3000 Nm)

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LK Series
  • Simple two-piece design for low-mid power diesel driven hydraulic systems
  • Composed of flywheel mounted element & star shaped hub
  • Available in Zytel®
  • Nominal torque: up to 21,240 in-lb (2400 Nm)

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LV Series
  • Economical alternative for agricultural & off-highway industrial equipment
  • Designed for mounting on standard SAE J620 flywheels
  • Available in high temp rubber (HTR) or EPDM
  • Nominal torque: up to 10,820 in-lb (1223 Nm)

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LVK Series
  • Designed for direct mounting on SAE J620 and metric flywheels
  • Element bonded to flywheel mounting plate and LK style hub housing
  • Available in high temp rubber (HTR) or EPDM
  • Nominal torque: up to 5,800 in-lb (655 Nm)

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